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Psychedelic Mind Expander has been for long the number one database website for trance music and it's only fair to credit their intensive efforts with a "Top Rated" mark. Available directly at

Psytrance specific ABC
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Categorized labels and artists on one page. It's under construction (since long), and much of it has been transferred to PsyDB, but yet another decent database / catalog out there.

Psychedelic Mind Expander
Largest specialized psytrance / chillout artist and label database online. This is the one and only reason we don't include artist/label websites in this portal. Online since 1995.

The one and only music bible. Not too many psytrance releases and biographies, but the functionality and large collection of various biographies and reviews are both an interesting read and a great resource.

The largest specialized open source electronic music database. They're expanding nearly as quickly as records are released.

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