One of the many monikers of live electronic musicians JJ Burkunk & KSR van Poelgeest. frequenSqueeze is the dancefloor oriented, progressive psychedelic trance mixed with instrumental industrial experimental breaks and slow-fidelity dub. Highlights of their career include EarthDance Amsterdam 2001 (Loos! Amsterdam), Amsterdam (NYE) 2003 (Ruigoord), Tokyo Nights live presentation (Voices, Amsterdam), Mental Floss (Club Synergy, Utrecht) and last but not least, the first gig as frequenSqueeze ever at Psychedelic Squat anniversary (20 years) in De Blauwe Aanslag, The Hague.












Inactive aliases include Sonic Spunges (experimental chill-out performance), Minds (melodic goatrance), active aliases are II Dead Losers (ambient battles), and more recently Phantom Lobe, a high profile experimental electronic music project fit for concert style performance. There are no current plans to continue the frequenSqueeze project, although there are whispers asking for another set. We may subject to popular demand, but have to decide on this yet.
_(Reviewed February 2005)_


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