Conceptual p 01.02.03

Our aim is to stabilise the energy, so we can raise it and keep it high, thereby allowing our true selves to emerge and become open and free to be in each moment.
The moment is Now, and it is Here always, yet in our current state of imbalance and disharmony this moment seems to continually shift and change, shaping itself into whatever our wild mind creates, lost in its projections.

So, we try to connect, adjust and influence, harmonise and stabilise, and in our current state of being stabilising doesn't mean making things still and unmoving, it is actually more the opposite. Movement, change, fluidity. This movement and fluidity, in thought and perception, in being and becoming, is the source of the psychedelic experience. An experience which leads not into confusion and incoherence, but into clarity and comprehension, into that space beyond the limits of our understanding where every thing starts to make sense, because we can see and feel the connections.

We, as the co-creators of our reality have to become open, letting go of our own desires to control and let ourselves be created instead. Co-creation. In this way we can try to counteract the imbalances created in each moment, and all together create a new vibe.